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Jeep NP-231 Novak Cable Shifter Assembly

Our goal at Novak was to simplify the shifting mechanism, at first for our many customers performing engine and transmission conversions, but then for the many running stock powertrains unhappy with the shifting action, and the many situations where the complex linkage causes the transfer case to pop out of its range or mode unexpectedly.

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The Novak Shifter Kit
This cable shifter assembly replaces everything below the factory shift handle, including the z-bar linkage, tunnel mount bracket, transfer case mount bracket and shifter pivot.

The factory shift handle is entirely retained.

All neceessary hardware is included and installation can be done in under two hours.

Adjusting the shifter for optimum use is straightforward and this is detailed in our instruction package.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Restore and improve shifting action in Jeeps with suspension and especially body lifts and tummy tucks
  • Provide a clean shifting mechanism for conversion transmissions (manual or automatic) being adapted to the Jeep transfer cases
  • Provide a crisp shifting feel and greater sense of control to the driver of the Jeep
  • Eliminate shifter kick-outs and resulting transfer case damage by replacing problematic factory linkages
  • The shift pattern is maintained from factory when installed, i.e. 2 High, frontmost and 4 Low, rearmost
  • Fully compatible with modified "2 Low" NP231's
  • The factory shift handle is retained
  • No need to remove the factory console
  • You don’t have to remove the front yoke or driveshaft

Our Control Cable
We've researched many types and brands of control cable, and we enthusiatically specify and provide our customers with the best we've ever seen. It features:

  • Heavy-duty crimped ends
  • Stainless steel cable
  • Industrial grade, high-temp outer sheath
  • Super-low friction, teflon liner
  • Tight bend radius featuring no-bind resistance clear down to 5"
  • All US made

By using an extremely low friction cable, installation and use is a snap. There is no need to remove the factory shift handle assembly in the floor and console.

Keep your factory shift handle for an OEM look and ease of installation.

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