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Megacab Longbed Conversion - 4th Gen. Ram 3500

Stretch your 4th generation Megacab for a Longbed Conversion with the strongest kit available.

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$1,599.00 tax excl.


We have designed this kit to allow competent fabricaton shops to stretch the frame of a 4th generation Ram 3500 w/o factory air ride for a longbed. 

This increases bed space by 22" and increases the wheelbase by 20".  This stretch takes place in two places on the rear half of the truck frame. 

We have chosen to use a combination of 1/4" and 3/16" ASTM A572 grade 50 steel plate.  This is the same grade of steel that 4th generation truck frames are fabricated from.  We have designed the kit in 3D CAD software with FEA analysis to be superior in stregth to the factory frame sections and to provide more weld surface for a large factory of safety.

We have reinforced all of the front extension intersections with 1/4" plate to double reinforce the seams and have included a new set of front spring hangers.  We have also chosen to reinforce the rear side of the front extension to the factory gooseneck hitch box to keep everything square and strong under the most demanding loads.  The total weight of this kit is approximately 170 lbs.  Please contact us for a shipping quote.

The kit is completely ready to assemble and will include instruction to show the installer where to cut and provide reassembly dimensions. 

This kit will only be shipped to professional fabricators with a business license and liability insurance.  Proof of this will be required before shipment.

Please contact us at the shop for more information.

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