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UCF Jeep YJ High-Clearance Body Mounts

Replace those beat up rock anchors with a high-clearance body mount system that glides over the rocks with the "greatest of ease".

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$287.00 tax excl.

The UCF High-Clearance Body Mounts for Jeep YJ have been a long time coming.  They are laser cut from 3/16 steel plate and formed on a CNC brake, then fully mig welded and sanded smooth.  Unlike some other body mounts on the market, you won't have to do the assembly of the mount pieces yourself.  These body mounts completely replace the six factory mounts visible below the doors. 

These HD high clearance mounts present the opporotunity to remove body lift spacers (if present) to tuck the mounts up even higher out of the way.  They are compatible with Jeeps that have no body lift or up to a 2" body lift.  Another benefit of the design of these mounts is that you can weld all the way around the mount without removing the body.  The top edge of the mount can be welded from the clearance hole in the lower surface.  The edges of the mounts are bent at an angle to allow you to slide over obstacles instead of getting caught on them as with the factory design.

We are also offering the option to purchase the middle pair of body mounts alone to save on install time and cost.  These are obviously the most vulnerable mounts as they're centered between the tires as well as being the lowest mount on the frame.  You can make this selection above.

You will be required to cut and weld to complete the installation. 

You can check out the article at Crawl Magazine by clicking the link below: