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UCF Rear-Link Frame Bracket System

Rear Chassis-Side Link Mounting System for Four-Link Suspension

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The UCF Rear-Link Frame Brackets were designed to allow you to easily mount your rear upper and lower links to your frame rails.  The mounts are laser cut from 1/4" carbon steel plate.  The pieces fit together to create and inner mounting width of just over 2 5/8".  This allows for the use of flex joints such as the Currie Johnny Joint or 1 1/4" x 1" heim joints with high-misalignment spacers.  9/16" mounting holes are provided, but they can be oversized easily for larger bolt sizes. The mounts are 8" long and the center of the lower through holes are 2 1/4" below the bottom of the frame.  The upper mount is 4 1/8" higher than the lower and located 3" inboard. The brackets are fully gusseted and will ship ready to weld onto your rig.  They will be shipped bare of all finishes that would be destroyed by the welding process.

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