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UCF YJ & TJ Rock Crawler Front Bumper

This dedicated crawler front bumper will gain you all the clearance possible while keeping the winch tucked down low and as far back as possible.

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$263.00 tax excl.


The YJ & TJ Rock Crawler Front Bumper is laser-cut from 1/4" steel plate and mig welded so that all you have to do is trim your frame rails to the matching angle and weld it on.  It moves the winch as far down and as far back as possible without getting bleow the frame rails where it could interfere with your steering linkages.  It comes with 3/4" d-ring mounts welded to it.

The back of the intergrated winch plate has been cut-away to allow the end user to use the winch to pull the front-end down on steep climbs for more stability.

The front cross-member and the factory steering gear box has to be removed to use this bumper. That's what allows the winch to drop down as low as it does.  Full-hydraulic steering is required.