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UCF Corner Guards for Jeep LJ

Low-Weight, High-Value Tub Protection for Jeep LJ

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$850.00 tax excl.

UCF Corner Guards for Jeep LJ are laser cut from 3/16" 6061-T651 aluminum hard plate.  They are less than half the weight of conventional steel corner guards.  Why bolt on the extra pounds for no reason?

These corner guards bolt to the tub with 5/16" SS counersunk hardware.  They attach through (6) of the factory flare mounting holes, (4) of the factory hinge holes, and (9) other holes that you will have to drill.  We will include (2) rivet nuts per side for the hole locations that are inaccessable from the back side.  We will also include a setting tool for the rivet nuts. 

Our corner guards cover the factory hinge holes and include a spacer to allow you to remount the tailgate at the correct depth. 

UCF corner guards are setup for factory tail lights.  There is also an option for 4" recessed LED mounting holes.  You can make your selection above.



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