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Shaved 14 Bolt Full Floater HD Diff Cover DIY Kit

Heavy Duty Diff Protection for your Wrangler

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$84.00 tax excl.


Shaved 14 Bolt Full-Floater HD Diff Cover DIY Kit

This version of our 14 Bolt cover is for those who want to shave the bottom bolt from the housing.  By removing the lower bolt you save at least 3/4" of ground clearance. (You will save much more if you haven't already shaved the housing flush with the stock cover.)  You are left with just over 1/2" of sealing surface of the lower portion of the ring.


We have redesigned the fabricated steel diff cover to be easier to assemble.  The one piece folded steel body is laser cut from 1/4" steel plate.  Simply set the body on the 1/4" steel ring and weld it solid. 


Ships with mounting hardware.  You will need to spray paint the outer surface.


We recommed coating the inner surface of the cover with RTV on the welded seams to avoid fluid leaks.