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UCF TJ/LJ Front Tube Fenders - 4" Flares - DIY Kit



DIY 4" Flare Width Tube Fenders for your TJ or LJ; Custom Tube Fender looks at a DIY price...

Shipping Weight 54.0 lbs
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Jeep TJ Tube Fenders with 4" Flares DIY Kit is shipped unassembled and must be welded by the customer.

Each side is assembled from (2) pieces of 1/8" steel plate and (1) 1 1/2" x .120" wall DOM tube.  They bolt to the tub in 4 places at the firewall, to the inner fender in 6 places and to the grill.

They were designed in 3D modeling software to follow the contours of the hood and still provide protection against trees and limbs. 

The contour of the hood is offset 6" to the outside of the flare (flare is only 4" wide at the back) to protect it from the tires in compression or articulation or other obstacles. The fender top also gives the hood latches a place to live.

Fender clearance is increased by about an inch from the best clearance spots in the factory fender.

The fender is 1 1/2" tall from the grill to the curve at the rear of the fender.

You will have to modify your factory fenders to install these new rock fenders, however you will maintain full engine bay protection unlike some other DIY tube fender kits.

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