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UCF 14 Bolt Full Floater Disc Brake Brackets



Lose those heavy drum brakes and gain some stopping power

Shipping Weight 15.0 lbs


14 Bolt Full Floater Disc Brake Brackets

The UCF 14 Bolt Full-Floated Disc Brake Brackets make quick work of upgrading the brakes on your old Corporate 14 Bolt.  They bolt directly to the backing plate flange and allow you to use the common and inexpensive front caliper and rotor from a 71-86 GM 3/4 ton truck. 

They are laser cut from 3/8" carbon steel plate and bent to the correct offset to avoid longer bolts and spacers (which can lead to failure).  They ship in bare unpainted steel without mounting hardware as you can re-use the factory bolts to attach the bracket and the caliper bolts come with the caliper. 

Sold in pairs.

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