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UCF Dana 60 Double-Ended Steering Ram Mount



Easily mount a Double-Ended Steering Ram with an absolutely bulletproof system.

Shipping Weight 30.0 lbs


The UCF Dana 60 Double-Ended Steering Ram Mount is designed to be used in cases where a truss is unnecessary but the customer still needs to mount a double-ended steering ram in the center of the front or rear axle. It is designed to work with standard high-steer arms. The main body and upright are fabricated from 1/2" steel plate and the front and rear support gussets are 3/16" steel. It is fully welded and ready to be installed on your axle.

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Reference: UCF576

Brand: Under Cover Fabworks

UCF Fill-Valve Protector for ORI STX Struts (Pair)

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