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Phone: (334) 873-4000 / Fax: (334) 873-4039
eMail: sales@undercoverfab.com

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EARLY TJ Transfeo Body-Lift (1/4" Steel)
LATE TJ Transfer Case Skid - Original Extra-Clearance (1/4" Steel)
LATE TJ Transfer Case Skid - Ultra-High Clearance (1/4" Steel)
EARLY TJ Engine Skid (Steel)
LATE TJ Engine Skid (Steel)
Dana 44 Diff Covers (Welded)
Ford 8.8 Diff Covers (Welded)

Dana 30 Diff Covers (Welde

We are overstocked on several products and will be offering great discounts on the following items until the overstocked inventory is gone. Please call (334) 797-7113 to receive discounted pricing.