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UCF High-Pinion XJ/TJ Dana 30 Front Truss System

Strengthen that HP 30 housing!

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$263.00 tax excl.



The UCF High-Pinion Dana 30 Truss System is the long-awaited product many of you have been asking for. 

The main body of the truss is 1/2" thick steel plate that spans over the casting and welds to the top of the chunk in 2 places.  It also welds to the driver side lower coil-spring mount and to the 1/4" thick steel formed channel that spans the axle tube from the truss body to the passenger side lower coil-spring mount. 

This truss system includes a new passenger side upper link mount. The whole system weighs only 16 lbs!

This system works with high-pinion axles only.  Cutting and welding required to complete the install. 

Some clearancing of the driver side upper control arm bracket end may be required to clear the truss body.  Every effort was made to reduce the thickness of the truss in this area, but interference may still occur with some control arms.