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UCF 14 Bolt Truss System



Save hours of time building your custom 4-link suspension

Shipping Weight 30.0 lbs


UCF 14 Bolt Truss System

This is one of those parts that are almost required when building a custom suspension on a Corporate 14 Bolt axle.  It provides a rock-solid point to mount your upper suspensions links.  No more welding to cast steel housings.  Just set the truss body in place on the tubes, bolt-on the removable pinion support bracket (bolts to the truss body with FIVE 1/2" bolts, not included) and weld the truss to the axle tubes.

The size of the link tab platform is 4 1/2" x 13 1/2".  The distance from the platform to the centerline of the axle tube is 6 3/8".

Laser cut from 1/2" thick carbon steel plate, the truss body is heavy enough for any amount of horsepower.  The pinion support bracket is made from 3/8" steel plate. 

Hardware not included.  Shipped bare of paint so you can weld it on, place your link tabs, and weld it all up.

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